3 Ways To Get Clean From The Inside Out

Dear Friends of Lavage,

Today I have a very interesting point of view to share with you, our loyal readers, on the topic of detox cleansing. The link to the article is provided by our friends at Mind Body Green and was written by Lauren Imparato.

cleanseThe reason I find this article worthwhile to pass along and comment upon is because it addresses the concept of two types of internal toxins we must always bear in mind we are subject to in our lives.

First is the cleansing of our physical body, the toxins that we intake from everyday living. They include our need to clean our bodies from alcohol, sugars, fats, processed foods and the chemicals that are in our foods that most of us aren’t even really aware we are consuming. Even the air we breathe has some toxic elements we can’t avoid. Making the effort to flush out these toxins is something we have much experience in. Fasting is one of the methods we employ to accomplish this. There are many types of programs we specialize in to accomplish the cleansing process. However there is one thing that should not be neglected in the pursuit of proper cleansing, which this article points out very articulately.

The point that Ms. Imparato is making is that there is a psychological element to our needs for detox cleansing that is not usually always addressed. She says that our state of mind is also subject to our body’s ability to create toxins that can effect our well being physically. This I certainly agree with. Mental states of anxiety, frustration, sadness, and anger actually triggers the body to produce toxins that relate directly to our internal organs. A stomach ulcer is a prime example of this type result from chronic worrying and anxiety.

So take to heart that your mental health is very much in need of a vigilant detox program as well as your physical body! State of mind is just as essential to wellness as anything else we can do to stay healthy.

So please take a look at what can help you realize the true benefits to be gained by a comprehensive cleansing program that includes both the physical and emotional sides of your well being. A diet of happy thoughts is a great supplement!

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Yours in Wellness,

Anne Mahe