The 7 Deadly Sins of Sugar

Dear Friends of Lavage,

Today’s blog has some very interesting insights about the true issues surrounding our constant exposure and consumption of sugar. Sugar is all around us, whether we know it or not. I’d like to share an article written by Summer Rayne Oakes that was published by another of our resource and information sites, Mind, Body, Green.

Sugar, which exists in many forms, is essentially an additive that is included in many of our everyday foods and drinks in the form of fructose. The body breaks down different sugars in different ways, but essentially fructose equals body fat. Period!

In addition, sugars in all forms are essentially addictive, so that your body begins to crave them and want more. The energy boost provided by sugars is real; just give a child some candy and you know how much their energy level temporarily increases. Unfortunately, when it wears off, it creates the opposite effect.

Sugar is also a toxin to our livers and creates a strain on its functional capacity, much like alcohol, which is high in sugar content, also is a toxin that greatly strains the liver function.

“Natural” sugars are also very misleading to say the least. I really hope you can take a quick read of the enclosed link and let Summer’s article find its way into your cognition about sugar and it’s very insidious nature within our daily lives. It really is a Must Read in my opinion.

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Yours in Wellness,
Anne Mahe,
Lavage inc