7 Tips For A Healthy, Happy & Beautiful Life

Dear Friends of Lavage,
Today we would like to share with you 7 insights for a happy, healthy and beautiful life provided by former Miss Universe Natalie Glebova. Natalie has distilled these ideas for a better life first hand. Her position as once being the crowned the Most Beautiful Woman In The World has certainly put her in a spotlight and on the world stage to be able to make observations many of us could not.
What is interesting here is that she has a very bottom line view of how to approach life in a day at a time perspective. We happen to agree with her point of view on these 7 points of happiness and her vantage point as a celebrity does not at all separate her life fulfillment from anyone else’s.
So please take the couple minutes to check out her advice and to take it to heart.
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Yours in Wellness,
Anne Mahe
Lavage Inc