8 Natural Ways To Turn Your Cleanse Into A Full-Body Detox

Dear Friends of Lavage,
Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.15.52 AMI hope you have all successfully weathered this Winter of all winters and now we can look forward to a glorious Spring together free from the bitter cold and  voluminous snow we have endured all season.
As the weather this season has been severe, many of us just have not had enough opportunities to get outside and breathe fresh air, take a long walk or to get sufficient and much needed Vitamin D from the sun outdoors. This means your body has accumulated some toxins that have not had the chance to be properly cleared. This is the intent of today’s blog. Here is a great article from our friends at Mind Body Green explaining and describing 8 natural ways to cleanse your body into a full body detox that is easy and quite effective.
Firstly, let’s define what body toxicity actually is. A detox is a function of giving your liver an opportunity to work through and flush out accumulated toxins that have built up in your system by eating the wrong foods, drinking the wrong drinks, and exposure the environmental pollutants that have made their way into your system. When metabolic waste and external pollutants have exceeded your body’s ability to process these elements and eliminate them properly, you have a toxic situation. The body’s tolerance level has been exceded and you need further action to rid yourself of these toxins and allow the body to rebalance itself.
The attached article can be of great informational value. The eight suggestions they point out are spot on in accuracy. Of course, when following this advice, make sure that you stop eating and drinking the wrong things that have created the problem to begin with! This means cutting out the sugars, alcohol intake, and snacks that have created the body imbalances to start with. Eat clean, fresh organic foods, drink lots and lots of filtered water, and by all means get regular excercise and start sweating and peeing out those accumulated toxins!
I would like to add a 9th suggestion and start a 15 minute a day ritual of meditation either in the morning as a first thing or in the evening as a last thing you do to help calm your mind and allow your body to relax.
Hope you take these steps to heart for a great Spring cleaning. Visiting us at our office for a colonic cleanse certainly would help you in this quest and give you a leg up on its progress without a doubt!
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Anne Mahe
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