A Sense of Communty

Sunday September 4, 2017

A Sense of Community

I interrupt our flow of discussing the digestive tract today because it has been brought to my attention that one of our Team Lavage members is going to The Truth About Cancer Seminar in Orlando Florida on October 5th, 6th, and 7th.

Truth About Cancer Live – October 5th – 7th, 2017 – Orlando FL

Leona, a colon therapist at Lavage, is attending this seminar with a client. I could not help but smile when I saw the note in the appointment book. Thinking to myself that a client and a therapist, coming together, sharing information with each other on a topic that affects each one of them separately, for different reasons. Then an idea sparks and an organization happens and they both travel together to attend this event, to learn together, to support each others learning and to have another person to experience the learning.

The community does not stop there.

Then they will come home, and have each other to further discuss its applications in their own personal lives. They will see each other during the colonic session and perhaps outside the office and share with each other the experiences after the seminar. Which ideas worked, which did not, how each one of them is handling their own dealings with cancer. Their learning and sharing will continue well beyond the trip.

The community does not stop there.

Leona will also be sharing with us, Team Lavage, all she has learned at the Truth About Caner seminar and we all will discuss it with each other, asking questions, thinking about the unanswered questions, sharing our own experiences. It will be as if we have all attended the seminar to some extent and it will inspire us to further learn. Leona’s attending the seminar affects us all at the office. When each one of us works with the client who attended the seminar with Leona, we will also learn from that client. Leona’s version of the seminar will be expanded upon by the client and will express the ideas from the seminar in a different way and we will all learn by their attendance as we listen to two different perspectives of the information that was presented at the seminar.

The community does not stop there.

We, the colon therapists, will then reflect and digest the new information and share it with our clients, the clients we give colonics to. Our clients will then respond, receptively or not. No matter, our clients will then be affected by the new information. It may spark a thought in their minds, which may lead to a different course of action for that client’s thoughts or that client’s family or friend who is ill.

The community does not stop there.

Future seminars will be discovered, attended, shared, assimilated, repeated to others and shared more. In a continuing circle of communication, experiences and sharing, our Lavage community will benefit by just two individuals, who met here in our office and have grown to help each other over the years.

I smile because of the joy it brings me to see clients and therapists evolving and supporting each other.

See you at our next installment of Lavage Colonics: the story of our back door.

– Anne Mahe – Sept. 4th, 2017 – West Orange, NJ, USA