Attitude Matters

Sunday September 3, 2017

When it comes to writing yet another bit of information about your health, dear reader, bear in mind that your attitude, yes your beliefs contribute as much to the experience of reading this blog as my writing it. The information I am going to share with you is effective because of who you are, as much as because of who I am.

With this in mind, let us begin our first blog post on digestive health. Our specialty here at Lavage is the alimentary tract, aka: stomach, intestines, colon, etc…

I use many words to describe this part of the body because although at Lavage we perform the treatment of colon hydrotherapy, our clients use many different words to describe where exactly they feel the bloating, the gas, the distention, the discomfort, the cramping, or the lack of movement and feeling in those areas.

Which is a perfect transition into the origins of proper digestion and good bowel health. Where does digestion begin? Some clients feel it in their throat the discomfort, they can’t seem to swallow anything. Other clients are noxious, the smell of food or certain types of foods bother them. Other clients, it is the sight of food or even the thought of food that can trigger severe cramps and distaste. For other clients, it is after they eat that the bloating hits, the sense of fullness that makes them sleepy, or the severe cramps around the belly button area.

The origins of bowel health, meaning a pain free, smooth, easy, complete, daily bowel movement, are as varied as the clients we have. And as of today, Sunday September 3rd, 2017, here at Lavage, we have approximately 2,500 individual clients that the therapists here have seen at least once. And each one of our 2,500 individual clients has had their own particular reason for walking through our back door, so to speak, and asked for a colon lavage from us.

Our work here at Lavage Colonics would be incomplete if we did not also help our clients, once their colonic irrigation completed, maintain colon health as well as overall digestive health. Which brings us right back to my first paragraph here on your attitude and your beliefs in reading what we have to say about digestive health in general as an overall goal and the more specific goal of a daily bowel movement that is without strain, without effort and as natural as the act of taking a breath.

For the solutions to digestive health are as varied as the individuals that have come into our office. Each person we have seen has shared with us their experiences on their journeys to health and wellness. Some clients have had tremendous success with their goals while others have had set-backs and failures. Your attitude around success and failure will in large part determine your own successes and failures.

This blog post is already too long and so with this introduction, I will finish this particular part of our conversation and with the next post and upcoming posts, I will share with you the reasons for our clientele coming in, how we were able to help them with their goals and the lessons we have learned along the way.

See you at our next installment of Lavage Colonics, the story of our back door.

– Anne Mahe – Sept. 3rd, 2017 – West Orange, NJ, USA