Review Of The Most Common Natural Remedies For Constipation

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screenshotI hope the New Year is finding you in good health and good spirits. Today I would like to pass along to you a video link courtesy of Jovanka Ciares. It is no secret that many of us suffer from constipation. It is one of the leading causes of stomach bloating and discomfort. It is also one of the common complaints I hear from clients and is certainly an issue that needs some attention. Proper elimination can make a big difference in how you can feel better having a normal one to two bowel movements per day.

Jovanka points out 5 popular herbal remedies that are natural and not the type to buy over the counter in a pharmacy. They are: 1) Cascara Sagrada, 2)Psyillium Husk,  3) Slippery Elm,  4) Senna and 5) Rhubarb Root.

If you are having constipation issues and would like to know more about my specific remedies, please feel free to contact me via email on our site.

I have a wonderful herbal product that contains Cascars Sagrada, Psyllium, and bentonite clay that is very effective. I would be happy to pass along this information to you.

I hope this information is helpful and here’s wishing you all a wonderfully happy and healthy New Year!

The link to your video is: here

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