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We accept cash or checks only. If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment, we charge a $65 last minute cancellation fee. If you do not show or miss your appointment for any reason, our office charges the full fee of your missed appointment.

Be courteous to yourself and others, if you cannot make your appointment, call us with 24 hours notice.


This procedure is also known as colonic irrigations or colon hydrotherapy.  Allow 60 minutes from when you walk in the door to when you leave.  Although the colonic itself is 45 minutes long, you may need some time in the bathroom. Please come in 5 minutes earlier than your appointment time to fill out the intake form. The fee is $125 cash or check.  We have appointments available Monday through Sunday.

This gentle treatment effectively alleviates constipation, bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort.  The process of colon hydrotherapy is the gentle soaking of the large intestine with filtered, body temperature water, which loosens stool in order to eliminate excess gas and fecal matter from the colon.

We use the Wood’s Gravity Method, which is a closed system and is the safest and most comfortable method available.

Included within your session are three very beneficial and complimentary treatments, those being reflexology, the use of therapeutic grade essential oils and the addition of herbal infusions.  These processes aid in the relaxation and overall effectiveness of the colonic treatment.  We provide these additional services as our unique signature brand of a fully integrated and effective colonic experience.

The colon, also called the large intestine, is your body’s major organ of elimination.  It is 5 feet long and has certain characteristics:

–       The first characteristic of the large intestine is its peristaltic activity which is in charge of moving the food you have eaten along the large intestine through its 5 feet so that you can have a bowel movement at the end. When the peristaltic muscles are sluggish you may experience constipation or spasm in the abdominal area, effectively having the food you have eaten to be stuck in the colon with no muscular action to help it move out.  Colonic irrigations are effective at exercising these muscles giving them more tone which not only alleviates constipation but with regular colonics and some dietary adjustments you can effectively sustain more complete and regular bowel movements in the long term.

–       The colon’s second characteristic is its gut flora, which is present throughout your digestive tract and weighs about 10 pounds, is a large part of stool’s composition.  The balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in the large intestine is always in flux and can be affected by the use of anti-biotics, stress, traveling, illness, diet, emotional distress, lack of sleep and constipation.  Our method of colonics, along with dietary changes are an effective way at balancing the bacteria, which supports a healthy immune system, bowel regularity and complete nutrient absorption.  We incorporate the use of herbal infusions that assist the development of the “good” bacteria while curbing the growth of the “bad” bacteria.  When imbalanced the most common symptoms are flatulence, headaches & migraines, acne, psoriasis, eczema, bloating, gas and food allergies.

–       The third and final characteristic of the large intestine is that of its smooth muscle tissue which line the colon walls and is very similar to the skin lining your nasal cavities and is just as delicate. It is this smooth tissue texture that allows for water absorption, and also vitamin K absorption, vitamin B12, thiamine and riboflavin as well. The smooth tissue allows food you have ingested to compact into feces and have it pass from the cecum to the rectum in ½ day at the most.  When it takes longer for food to pass through the intestines and be properly eliminated, fermentation occurs and this irritates the lining of the colon causing it to swell and be inflamed. The herbal infusions we use during your colonic irrigation are particularly effective at soothing the lining of the colon, reducing the inflammation and alleviating pain and discomfort thus supporting proper water and nutrient absorption.  When the lining of the colon is chronically inflamed, irritable bowel syndrome occurs as does leaky gut, yeast infections, thrush, colitis, Crohn’s disease, and diverticulosis.

A brief note on what we mean by herbal infusions.  The majority of your treatment will be done with filtered body temperature water.  We have available for you several different herbal infusions to add to the water in the event that your body needs support for a productive treatment.  They are natural, safe and effective at supporting the muscles, the gut flora and the smooth tissue of your large intestine.  We will always ask you before using them and they are included in your treatment at no extra charge. They are:

–       coffee – this is a standard herb used for the treatments ranging from cancer to a liver flush.  It’s main effect is to detoxify the liver and has a gentle effect on stimulating the colon’s peristalsis.

–       chlorophyll – incredibly soothing to the tissue of the colon, chlorophyll, when added to the water, hydrates your body more effectively than water alone.

–       alka-thyme – is the modern version of glyco-thymoline with a slightly different formula and is meant to be used in the same way as glyco-thymoline

–       food grade hydrogen peroxide – used for those who have yeast and fungus overgrowth in their digestive tract.

–       artisan sea salt – this is softer than water on the intestinal lining of the colon and creates an isotonic solution which allows for better hydration of the colon during a colonic.

–       bentonite clay – absorbs everything like a sponge and is particularly effective when someone has food poisoning.

–       castor oil – lubricates and nourishes the lining of the colon.  The colon’s moisturizer.

–       activated charcoal – used rarely but also an important ingredient to integrate if someone has food poisoning.

–       grapefruit seed extract – is effective with battling infections due to parasites, virus and fungi.