I have had wonderful experiences at Lavage - the office is warm, convenient, and welcoming.  I travel from Long Island to the office in Montclair because Anne is really terrific at what she does - and is so knowledgeable about diet, nutrition, detoxing, etc. I love the colonics and her relaxing reflexology.  I feel so energized after!

Lonnie M.

I've always received professional, courteous, and caring service at Lavage.

Anne's  great knowledge and excellent skills have done much to help me improve my health.

Sibylle P.

Best colonic experience I've had yet! I really loved the fact that it wasnt one of those typical colonic setups where its a basically a giant tub in a room where you are mostly left alone with some sterilization wipes and lube and you pretty much do it yourself. The therapist was there the whole time and very active in the administrations, which even come with infussions basedon your oen personal needs. My therapist said I was dehydrated and added some chloraphyll, I believe it was. It wasn't Anne (I forget her name, it was quite a few months back-sorry!), but someone else equally as skilled and professional. it was a relaxed atmophere, easy to find, very accommodating, and as I said the best colonic experinece I've had.  And just to be clear, I've not actually ever had a bad colonic expeience ever, or even slightly sub-par. I truly cannot say enough fantastic things about them!

Danielle G.

I've had serval colonics done and until now I wouldn't go anywhere else. Lavage has such a pleasant atmosphere, It's clean, odorless. Anne guides you through your colonic with essential oils, reflexology of your hands and feet, and warm compresses.
She explains every question you ask and give you great nutritional advice.
Oh and I forget to mention the infusions. And if your looking to improve in your health Lavage is a great place to start.

Nadirah A.

Very professional and knowledeable initial consultation. Clean and inviting office environment.
Excellent procedure and bonus of essential oils, reflexology treatment on the feet and hands. Very helpful with dieting and cleansing advice. An all around excellent experience.

John R

Anne is amazing and offers a truly holistic cleansing experience.  Not only does she create a nurturing, calm experience with her presence, she gives message along side the treatment to ensure this.  She also cultivates a truly individual regiment, using specific aromatherapies as well as inserts, such as coffee, chlorophyll, etc to help make the colonic as effective as possible.

I have also done several of Anne's custom cleanses, alongside the colonics  to help me get to my best, toxin free self.

She has been a health saviour, and is one of the most knowledgeable, gentle, warm people Ive ever met!

Jennifer F.

After going to NYC for colon hydrotherapy for several years at many different places (perhaps all of them!), I am thrilled to have finally found Lavage.  Anne Mahe is the owner and does the colon hydrotherapy herself. If you have tried it already, just one session with Anne shows you the difference. She is not only a gentle soul, but an informed, experienced, consummate professional who brings colon hydrotherapy to a whole new level by incorporating hot towels, massage of the belly and feet during the sessions, aromatherapy, and always an "extra extra" added to the mix whether you are dehydrated, coming down with a cold, feeling sluggish, etc. she always adds something for free, you don't even have to ask for it.  These are all the "little and big things" that every other place I have been to could have done for very little to no cost or effort, but they simply don't do them. All those extras add up to a very comfortable, dare I say pleasant, experience! Thank you Anne, I am grateful that I found you!

Jonathan C.

I had my first experience with Colon Hydrotherapy with Anne Mahe who is one of the most kind, gentle individuals that I have ever encountered.  Anne reduced my apprehensions and talked me throught the treatment.  The additional infusions were remarkable and provided greater cleansing. This was a very multisensory experience.  Anne's consultation on dietary needs has given me new insight into being healther and toxin free.   Anne's treatment was gentle and very effective. I returned to work feeling renewed.

Nancy P.