The three methods of colon hydrotherapy – part 1

colonic Wood's Gravity MethodToday I have come across a blog post that explains very well the three methods of colon cleansing. These are three methods of colon cleansing that are performed by a therapist, as opposed to a colon cleansing which uses chemical laxatives or herbs.

This post, written July 7th, 2012 by Gailla Deiters, is the best explanation of the three systems I have come across so far.

In our office, we have been explaining that there are two systems or methods: closed and open. Gailla Deiters, C.C.T. makes a good case for the distinction, within the closed system category, between a Woods Gravity Method and a machine pressure method of colonic irrigation.

I wish she would keep blogging! Thank you Gailla Deiters. Please look at her blog.

Also, look at our youtube channel to see videos we have aggregated that show you the different systems.

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