It’s Time To Cut Back On The Sugar

Dear Friends of Lavage,

Today we would like to drive home the notion of taking account of one’s daily sugar intake and its very real effects on your overall wellness. If you are a frequent reader of our blogs you know that we strive to offer the very best advice to our readership’s best interests for a healthy body and mind.

Since the holidays are quickly coming to our dinner plates with festivities and family/friends celebrations, today is a heads up on the continuing issue of sugary food and drink intake. Constant assessment and vigilance of those items such as alcoholic beverages, sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks, and even fruit juices are to be consumed with moderation as much as possible. Try to remember that water is the essense of proper hydration for your body and that it should always be your default drink of choice.

Men ages 20-59 are especially prone to excessive sugar intake, on average triple the amount that is normally associated with good health. Remember that today’s link from our friends at Real Ages once more points out that excessive sugar intake packs on weight, hurts your heart, and can lead to diabetes.

So please take the couple minutes to review the sage advice contained in this link and make this holiday season a happy and healthy choice for your well being.

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Yours in Wellness

Anne Mahe
Lavage Inc