Who We Are

Anne Mahe - Colonics SpecialistAnne Mahe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-Medical Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. Her training in colonic irrigation began at the Long Island School of Colon Hydrotherapy while her craft was mastered during her five years working at Manhattan’s premier colonic center, Healing From Within.

During that time, she continued her education in the fields of reflexology through the Open School with teacher Wendy Coad completing an extensive nine month hand and foot reflexology program, which she incorporates in the colonic treatment.  Also during this time she trained in the use of therapeutic grade essential oils and Raindrop Technique, which she also integrates in the colon hydrotherapy treatment.

She founded Lavage in 2007 when the time was right to share her knowledge and expertise outside of New York City and migrated to Montclair, NJ. She now serves the New Jersey community by empowering her clients to practice the art of cleansing through dietary and lifestyle techniques to feel good from the inside out using affordable and accessible modalities to cleanse and detoxify the body.  She combines a creative approach to cleansing and colonic irrigation backed with the experience of a seasoned practitioner.  There is no dogma at Lavage, only techniques that work for you.

DSC01843Leona Yhap graduated from the Wood Hygienic Institute in Kissimmee, Florida. She completed her training in colonic irrigation under the apprenticeship of Anne Mahe, developer of the exclusive Lavage Colonic System.  Upon successful completion of her apprenticeship, which included attending the respected Laura Norman Wellness Center in Manhattan for a training in Reflexology, she became an independent Colon Therapist practicing colonic irrigation exclusively at Lavage.

Her personal passion and expertise, in weight management through colonics and exercise have supported our clients at Lavage in achieving their health and weight goals.

She now serves the New Jersey community by empowering our clients to practice the art of cleansing.  A former aerobics instructor at Lucille Roberts and Bally Total Fitness, Leona uses dietary and exercise modalities to cleanse the body.  She combines a creative approach to colonic irrigation backed with the experience of a seasoned “work out” aficionado.

Leona produces a colonic experience that is safe, effective and fun!


kellybiopicKelly Matthews earned a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She continued her education with a 4 year Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University. During her time at Five Branches, Kelly studied and explored various detox programs that radically expanded her perception of the body’s ability to heal itself. This exploration led her to colonics as an integral part of any approach to cleansing, and upon graduating and obtaining her acupuncture license in California, she was invited to train as a colon therapist at the multi-disciplinary clinic where she began as an acupuncturist.

Kelly received her colon therapy certification from the Coastal Cleansing Institute in San Diego under Roxanne Watson, daughter of Milan Chessman (fasting and cleansing expert and author of the national best-seller Cleanse Internally). She practiced as an acupuncturist and colon hydrotherapist in California for 3 years before moving to New Jersey and joining the team at Lavage in January of 2015.

Kelly is currently finishing up a Doctorate in Acupuncture Chinese Medicine. She is committed to a holistic approach to health that involves assisting the body to maximize it’s own healing power by clearing detox pathways, encouraging homeostasis and harmony.

In addition to providing colon hydrotherapy sessions in the comfortable and soothing tradition of Lavage, she is also offering acupuncture treatments.