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Wellness with Lavage

Included within your session are very beneficial and complementary treatments. These additional modalities are the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, abdominal palpation therapy, reflexology, acupressure for feet, soothing hot towels and a variety of herbal colonic infusions.  These processes aid in the relaxation and overall effectiveness of the colonic treatment. We provide these additional services as our unique signature brand of a fully integrated and effective colonic experience.

Colon hydrotherapy is a treatment that effectively alleviates constipation, bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort. This process is a gentle soaking of the large intestine with filtered, body temperature water, which loosens stool in order to eliminate excess gas and old fecal matter from the colon.

Herbal cleansing infusions

A brief note on what we mean by herbal infusions. We have available for you several different herbal infusions to add to the water in the event that your body needs support for a productive treatment.  They are natural, safe and effective at supporting the muscles, the gut flora and the smooth tissue of your large intestine. We will always ask you before using them and they are included in your treatment at no extra charge. The majority of your treatment will be done with triple filtered chemical free water.

  •  Chlorophyll – incredibly soothing to the tissue of the colon, helps alleviate gas, bloating and improves digestion. Chlorophyll, when added to the water, hydrates your body more effectively than water alone.
  • Food grade hydrogen peroxide –  super oxygenating, cellular hydration, used for sluggish colon and those who have yeast and fungus overgrowth in their digestive tract.
  • Activated charcoal – an important ingredient integrated if someone has food poisoning and also an excellent detox binder to transport unwanted toxins out of the body.
  •  Grapefruit seed extract – is effective with battling infections due to harmful organisms,  virus, mold, candida overgrowth and fungi. Its has antibacterial and antifungal properties
  •  Coffee – this is a protocol used effectively in The Gerson Therapy for the treatments ranging from cancer to a liver cleanse.  It’s main effect is to detoxify the liver, creating bile flow and has a gentle effect on stimulating the colon’s peristalsis. 
  • Artisan himalayan salt – a great mineral, this is softer than water on the intestinal lining of the colon and creates an isotonic solution which allows for better hydration of the colon during a colonic.

Colonic hydrotherapy at Lavage is a unique, revolutionizing colonics treatment. Providing an expert guided session encompassing acupressure trigger point reflexology, essential oil blends, hot towel and gentle abdominal and back massage, lavage has created a one of a kind experience that helps with not just colonic health but also sustainable lifestyle wellness.

Our reflexology trigger point acupressure helps target areas of the body by focusing on meridian lines. These have been shown in ancient eastern medicine to address a variety of conditions associated with colonic and overall health.

Utilizing essential oils our experts achieve mental wellbeing which aids in colonic health and sustainable results from each package of treatments.

Our treatments provide a soothing hot towel and a gentle abdominal and back massage which aids each client to a place of overall wellbeing and mindfulness that lasts beyond the day of your appointment.

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Reflexology by Lavage is a relaxing, acupressure and palpation therapy used to aid in colon health and overall wellbeing. We provide reflexology for the hands and feet as a complimentary add on to all of our cleanse treatments.

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