Our Founder

Anne Mahe began working as a colon therapist in New York City’s Columbus Circle area for the prestigious and well known colonic center named  Healing From Within. She spent the first five years of her career honing her skills at Manhattan’s most exclusive and celebrity oriented  premiere colonic establishment. Anne flourished in this environment. She started developing her own highly innovative techniques and began her own reimagining of the then typical colonic procedure. It is from this background  that gave rise to her own unique way of crafting a more highly evolved and effective therapeutic colonic experience than had ever previously existed.

During that time, she took extensive classes educating herself in the field of reflexology through the Open School with teacher Wendy Coad. Having completed curriculums in hand and foot reflexology she became a certified reflexologist.  Anne had also always believed in the values of therapeutic grade essential oils. She began Incorporating the Raindrop Technique and aromatherapy thereby combining their synergistic effects to create a truly  breakthrough colonic experience not duplicated anywhere else. All of these elements are modalities that are integrated into Anne’s uniquely rewarding hydrocolonic experience. She remains as Lavage’s Guiding Light and as our constant source of inspiration and pride.  Our heritage is dedicated to  continuing her philosophy to provide the very best colonic cleansing experience possible to promote wellness and serenity from within.

24 Church St Montclair, NJ 07042 | 201.259.4698 | Info@Lavage.com

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