Theory of Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy in its basic essence is an extended and more complete form of an enema. The concept involves the process of infusing warm specially filtered water into the rectum with the objective of cleaning and balancing the colon. In our case at Lavage, we use only the very gentle and natural Wood’s Gravity Method. There is never any forced induction of water into your body like other more invasive mechanical methods. This water induction procedure removes fecal matter from colon walls and dilutes the bacterial toxin concentration in the large intestine. The cleansing effects of colon hydrotherapy reduce fecal stagnation and subsequent bacterial proliferation in the colon. This also helps maintain harmony of the intestinal flora promoting optimal colon health. This is achieved as the cleansing procedure removes feces, retained gas which creates bloating,and mucus  evacuation as well as existing parasites and infectious material. Colon hydrotherapy is not proposed here as a cure all, but instead as an important element in the overall healthy optimization of the recipient’s process of waste elimination detoxification. This also promotes the body’s optimal absorption of nutrients from the cecum and the ascending colon. These combined cleansing and therapeutic effects decrease the transit time of bowel waste, further reducing the aspect of stagnated waste retention.

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